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How it Works

Flickstick is a phone accessory that makes everything you do with your phone easier

Installs on any phone, case, small tablet or e-reader in seconds

Attaches using a strong but removable adhesive sticker

Core Features

Offering several functions for unlimited applications

- Phone Stand -

"Hands down the best phone stand in the world."

-Kevin D.

  • Works on the sand, grass, blankets, pillows, workout machines, desks, beds, car dashboards & more!

  • It's fully adjustable, so you can change the angle of the screen

Selfie Stick -

"The first time I used it, I was hooked."

-Jackie M.

  • Snap selfies in several different orientations to get the best shot

  • Never drop your phone again!

Vanity Mirror -

"This is truly the mirror that goes every where with you."

-Casie B.

  • Hidden and protected from scratching!

  • Perfect for makeup touch ups & checking teeth after eating

Do Everything Grip -

"Had it for several months now and I'm still finding new ways to use it."

-Brooks R.

  • Tired of accidentally hitting those side buttons?!

  • Perfect for watching videos, reading, gaming, zoom meeting & facetime

Slim & Foldable -

"It's so slim, I barely ever notice it."

-Melissa B.

  • Will never catch on your pocket!

  • And will never leave an indentation in your pants!

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