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How to Install

It only takes a minute.

Step by Step Directions

Step 1

Choose a location on the back of your phone where you plan to install your Flickstick

For most phones, we recommend sticking it to the bottom center

For larger phones (iPhone Max, Galaxy Notes, etc), you can stick it in the bottom left or right corner depending on what hand you use most.

Left handed folks should install in the bottom left corner & vice versa.

Step 2

Clean back of phone thoroughly 

We recommending using a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol but water will work too.

Step 3

Peel & stick your Flickstick to the phone. Hold down for 20 seconds. 

That's it! All done.

Not happy with the install? That's ok! We included an extra sticker with every stick so you can try again.

You're done! 

To learn more about how to use your Flickstick, be sure to check out the How it works and Features & Uses pages.

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