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The Top 8 Reasons Why a Cell Phone Stand Is So Important in 2021

The Top 8 Reasons Why a Cell Phone Stand Is So Important in 2021

With smartphones becoming more integral in our society by the day, it’s helpful to understand why a cell phone stand is so important. There are currently over 4.8 billion individuals using phones worldwide, and 3.5 billion (or 73%) of those individuals are smartphone users.

In fact, 15% of Americans consider themselves smartphone only users. This means they do not have Internet at home and rely solely on their smartphone for entertainment and work activities. 

As smartphones develop, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest model. As soon as one model comes out, it feels like another is scheduled to be released within the next few months.

Recent studies have shown that the average adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes a day on the phone. With so much time spent on mobile devices, it is easy to understand why smartphones are being upgraded and developed at such rapid rates. 

A cell phone stand can provide many benefits to users through a variety of tasks during their day. These top eight reasons have been detailed below in addition to the types of cell phone stands available on the market today. 

1. Remote Work

The era of remote work was born from the COVID-19 pandemic. When offices were closed, the only way for business to continue as close to normal as possible was to have employees work from home.

While some businesses are requiring employees to return back to the office, others are allowing employees to continue to work from home or adopt a hybrid schedule. 

The individuals who work from home know how important it is to have their phone handy. If your phone is out of sight, it’s easy to miss an important phone call from your coworker, boss, or client. Fortunately, a cell phone stand keeps your phone directly in front of you. 

a phone stand being used during a business meeting on zoom

  • Never Miss a Call

    With a phone stand for desks, your phone can easily be viewed right next to your computer. While you are typing important documents, conducting a video call, or filling out spreadsheets, you can still easily see your phone.

    Should an important call come through, you will know exactly who it is and whether or not it can wait.

  • Never Miss an Email

    In addition to monitoring important calls, phone stands also allow you to monitor any incoming emails. Since not every email is important or requires your attention, it’s important to be able to filter through them easily.

    With your phone standing next to your desk, you can see all of the incoming emails and know if you need to switch tasks.

  • Easy on the Eyes

    While monitoring calls or emails, a cell phone stand also provides a small bonus benefit. Since you will glance over to your phone when you see it light up, you will actually be providing your eyes a small break.

    These small breaks may not seem like it does a lot for your body, but it can actually improve your sense of present awareness and help you sleep better at night.

    2. Business Related Travel

    As the world reopens, business travel will resume. For some states and companies, business related travel is already back in full swing. For individuals who are traveling for business reasons, a cell phone stand is crucial. 

    • Work on the Go

      Whether one is walking through an airport, jumping in a crowded elevator, or navigating through a hotel, they need to have their phone ready at a moment’s notice.

      You can never be sure when your boss might need an update or a client might change the meeting location. With the right kind of phone stand, business travelers can easily setup and use their phones for video calls in any location.

    • It's a Grip Too

      Another added benefit is that some phone stands provide an ergonomic shape for the user to hold their phone. This can help prevent fatigue while talking or replying to emails on the go.

      It also ensures you have complete control of your device. This makes it that much harder for an unscrupulous individual to try and grab your phone while you are walking or standing.

    using phone stand as a grip

    • Hotel Room Friendly

      If you're traveling and working, odds are you'll be doing a lot of work form your hotel room.

      Most portable phone stands will work great on a hotel desk or coffee table, allowing you to enjoy the same benefits as those working from home.

      You can easily see your phone while you are completing the rest of your work on the road. This allows you to keep track of important notes you compiled during the day, and prevents you from switching back and forth between typing on your laptop and holding your phone.

    • Watch Movies on the Go

      Another added benefit to having a phone stand while traveling is using it during downtime or breaks.

      Whether sitting in a hotel lobby or on an airplane, phone stands work great for watching movies, Youtube videos and reading your favorite publications.

    phone stand being used on an airplane

    3. Content & Video Creation for Social Media

    Social media influencers, small business owners, and employees are all responsible for creating content for their brands. Whether the pictures and videos are being used on a business website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or another platform, the content needs to look impeccable in order to garner attention. 

    In this day and age, anything less than perfect simply doesn’t perform. Consider how you yourself view content that is shaky, blurry, or imperfect. It’s easy to scroll past low quality content and only pay attention to high quality content. 

    • Steady Shots
      A cell phone stand helps you create the best content for social media. Your pictures will be perfectly still and your videos will no longer have the awkward up and down movement from someone having shaking hands. 
    phone stand being used to record video for social media
    • Hands Free Operation

      For those who conduct live videos or stories, cell phone stands also provide many benefits. You can focus on your message rather than holding your phone.

      You can also easily scroll through live comment feeds while you speak since you will be hands free.

    • The Perfect Selfie

      Additionally, a phone stand makes it simpler than ever to capture the perfect selfie. For many influencers, coaches, and the everyday individual, selfies are an important form of self-expression.

      Rather than having to hold the phone or angle it correctly, the cell phone stand takes all the guesswork out of the equation!

      Simply set up the phone at the angle you desire and set up a timer. You can take as many selfies as you want without compromising the perfect angle.

    4. Video Calling 

    Video calling has become an integral part of our lives. While this mode of communication was popular before the pandemic, quarantine increased the usage of video calling.

    In fact, 47.6% of adults in the United States used FaceTime (Apple’s video calling service) during the COVID-19 lock downs. Video calls allowed individuals to remain connected while they were required by local ordinances to stay in their homes. 

    • Easier on the Wrist & Hands

      Video calls can be used for personal or professional use. However they are used, holding one’s phone for an extended period of time can quickly become annoying.

      From hurting one’s wrist to simply wanting to change positions without moving the camera, holding a smartphone during a video call is never ideal.

      Cell phone stands help alleviate the stress of holding a phone during those long video or conference calls. You can easily rely on the stand to support the weight of the phone.

    hand injuries can occur from holding a cell phone too long

    • Get More Done During Meetings

      For those who use a phone stand for desks, they can be completely mobile and hands free.

      This means they can easily grab important paperwork, take care of a pet, or simply move around while they are conducting the video call.

    5. Driving & Navigating Safely

    Navigating through cities and new areas can be daunting for drivers of all ages. Unfamiliar roads or even the demolition of familiar landmarks can cause drivers to not know how to safely navigate to their final destination.

    Several GPS apps are available including Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze. Recent studies show that over 50% of adults use their phones to navigate while driving. 

    • Don't Break the Law

      In many states, it is illegal to even hold a phone while driving. These are typically referred to as “hands free” laws. Failure to follow these laws can cause a range of consequences, from a simple warning to fines and/or points on one’s driver license.

      Even in states without these laws, it is incredibly dangerous to take your eyes off of the road to look down at a smartphone for directions. It only takes a total of three seconds to be involved in a crash.

    • Focus More on Driving

      With a cell phone stand made for cars, drivers can safely use their phone without having to hold it.

      Their phone can easily be mounted to the dashboard, which limits the distance they need to look for directions.

      However, having a phone mounted to the dashboard still allows the driver the ability to keep a slight gaze on the road. This reduces the overall amount of time their eyes are directly off of the road and allows the driver to stay alert.

    phone stand in car

    6. Meal Prepping & Cooking

    Whether you are trying out the latest bread baking TikTok hack or simply want to engage in healthier cooking habits, a recipe is usually needed to complete the task at hand.

    • Focus on Cooking

      Looking down and having to unlock your phone over and over can quickly create a mess. With a cell phone stand, following cooking instructions or meal prep is a breeze.

      Cell phone stands allow your phone to display the recipe hands free, letting you to cut and cook without distraction.

    phone stand being used while cooking

    • Keep Your Phone Clean

      Let's face it, cooking is messy. A good phone stand 

      allows you to place your phone in an area that is less likely to be exposed to food. This helps reduce any mess or spills onto your device.

      Also, with a cell phone stand, you can simply leave your phone unlocked and scroll with your knuckle, keeping your screen clean while you move from step to step. It allows you to move on to the next step.

    7. Shopping

    Recent studies have shown over 66% of those users purchase the same products through apps on their smartphones. To put that into better understanding, 230.5 million adults in the United States shop online and 152 million of those users purchase items through their smartphones. Currently, 333 million people live in the United States. 

    It is harder to find someone who doesn’t shop online than someone who does. Whether it is building your Amazon wishlist or purchasing a last minute gift, odds are you shop from your smartphone. It’s just too easy to get recommendations that fit your lifestyle and order in a few short clicks.

    • An Easier Shopping Experience

      Shopping can take time. Lots of browsing, reading reviews, watching video comparisons etc. That can get pretty tiring if you're holding your phone.

      With a cell phone stand, you can sit or lay in a comfortable position and shop away.

    using phone stand to shop on phone

    • Work & Play
      While not the best practice for productivity, a good cell phone stand also allows you to bounce between work or surfing online and shop. 

    8. Daily Life Tasks

    There is no denying that smartphones are part of our daily lives. While each individual may have different uses for their phones, nearly everyone uses their phone at least 10 times a day. From business uses to bedside alarms, there really is no limit to what smart phones can do.  

    phone stand being used as an alarm clock

    The plethora of apps available make it easy to integrate our phones even deeper into our daily lives. Baby monitoring, day trading, streaming videos, facetime, home security, online education, travel planning and personal health monitoring are just some of the incredibly helpful functions that many of us don’t even think about twice anymore. 

    phone stand being used as a baby monitor

    Other helpful uses for a smartphone include self care routines like journaling and meditation. Several children’s toys now even have an app that is required in order for the toy to work properly! 

    However you use your smartphone during your day, a cell phone stand can make your life even easier.

    You can readily access your phone without having to pick it up and hold it for extended periods of time. Simply unlock your device and tap away without having to change the location of your device or adjust how you hold it. 

    Most Popular Types of Cell Phone Stands

    When it comes to choosing a cell phone stand, several types are available.

    Most types of cell phone stands cannot be used at the same time. There may be a few exceptions depending on the make and model, but generally speaking, you can only use one type of stand. Otherwise, you will need to take your stand or case off in order to use the other.

    The most popular types of phone stands on the market have been outlined below:

    7 popular types of cell phone stands
    1. Stationary Stands for Desks: creates a stable horizontal or vertical place for your phone to sit while you work
    2. Wireless Charger Stands: allows your phone to charge within its case in a vertical position
    3. Case / Stand Combos: stand comes out and clicks back into the back of a sturdy, shockproof case
    4. Dedicated Kickstands: stands that sticks to the back of the phone
    5. Popsockets: stick on phone grips that also act as stands
    6. Phone Tripods: small stand with three legs (often flexible) that holds your phone in a horizontal or vertical position
    7. Grip / Stand Combos: a stand that sticks to the back of a phone or case and can be used as both a phone stand or a phone grip.


    Tripods are the most versatile options for those who are constantly creating content or conducting video calls. The flexible legs allow you to stand at different heights and sit at the perfect level regardless of the surface.

    Their downside is that they are large and bulky. You definitely won’t be fitting a phone tripod in your pocket or small purse.

    Kickstands & Popsockets

    Kickstand and popsockets are great options for those who are using their phone to watch videos, make phone calls, navigate with GPS, or simply keep their phone nearby. The stand can be popped back into place and allow the user to hold their phone normally. 

    Their downside is they don’t work great as stands. They typically require even and smooth surfaces to work and typically only hold the phone in one orientation, rather than both portrait and landscape.

    Case / Stand Combos

    Case / stand combos are popular for those who love a one size fits all option. Since the stand is already built into the case, it is quite steady and ready for use. It can be used on the go, at home, or while driving. 

    Their downside, like the tripods, is that they are typically on the bulkier side. And the cases aren’t usually available in a wide variety of designs and patterns.

    Wireless Stand Chargers

    Wireless stand chargers are the perfect option for those who rely on their phone as their morning alarm. Their phone can charge overnight and be easy to access first thing in the morning. Wireless stand chargers can also be used on a desk, which makes it easy to see incoming calls and emails. 

    Their downside is they have to be plugged in. This is ok on a bed nightstand, but running a wire to your desk can sometimes be a pain.

    Stationary Phone Stands

    Stationary phone stands for desks are a great option for anyone who typically works in one place and doesn’t move around much. These are usually quite attractive and very functional stands when used on a desk. Users can easily complete their usual tasks and monitor important messages from clients, workers, or their boss. 

    Their downside is they are stationary. They can’t be easily taken with you if you travel or decide to work from a different location one day.

    Grip / Stand Combos

    Grip / Stand combos do it all. They’re great for remote workers, students, photographers or anyone on the go. Some of these products have adjustable stands which makes them even more useful. One problem with most stationary stands is that it’s difficult to adjust the angle of the camera.

    Their downside is that they don’t stick to several types of case materials and some phones. They won’t typically stick to soft silicone rubber, faux leather or the backs of some newer iPhones (due to the oleophobic coating).

    Key Takeaways

    When it comes to a cell phone stand, it does more than simply hold your phone. It allows you to conduct a range of remote work and business travel related activities without compromising the quality of your daily tasks.

    It allows users to capture clear videos and images for social media or friends and family.

    It also provides a safe means of navigating on roadways and makes preparing meals far easier and cleaner.

    For those who shop online, monitor their smart home, or conduct self care routines, cell phone stands make these tasks much easier as well.

    A variety of cell phone stands are available on the market, which allows users to pick the stand that is perfect for their unique needs.

    Whether they want to charge their phone wirelessly or have the ability to hold their phone ergonomically, they can do so with the right cell phone stand.

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